From a young age, my mind was preoccupied with the concept of work. It began with an inner need to become financially independent. But as I grew older, I started thinking about work not only as something that would help me pay my bills, in the long run, but also as a way of creating value and having a purpose in life.

The importance of work in my life, made me appreciate the concept itself. So, when I was exposed to HR and all its elements – many of which preexisted in me and had a high ranking in my value system – something clicked. The idea of becoming an HR Professional manifested in me.

At first, I couldn’t really grasp why I liked it so much. But with time, looking back at my experiences, I saw the clues and was able to connect the dots.

In HR I found something I could really relate to, care about and show passion. HR as a profession allows me to spend time with people, with whom I could really empathize, having a real motivation to make an impact through my work.

While I enjoy all the sub-functions of HR, recruiting has a special place in my heart. As Aristotle once said: “well begun is half done”. And recruiting is the beginning of the relationship between an employee and an organization. Being part of that beginning and ensuring its positive outcome, apart from exciting, is crucial and a responsibility I enjoy having.

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