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Human resources have changed a great the last couple of years. It went from an administrative department to differentiating factors and a strategic partner for organizations and its leaders. How people are attracted, hired, trained, assessed and rewarded are issues that many CEOs lose over their sleep. But don’t worry, HR is here to save the day.


The recruiting is probably the most complex HR topic. Identifying, attracting and assessing candidates, while driving recruiting strategy and monitoring and optimizing the process is a real challenge. I’m confident the blog’s articles will provide you with some useful insights, on making your job a bit easier and more effective.


Candidate experience is considered to be a decisive factor in attracting talented candidates and influencing their decision about whether or not to accept an offer, re-apply for a position, or recommend the company to their network. In the PwC‘s Future of Recruiting 2019 Survey: “Nearly half (49%) of job seekers working in in-demand fields like technology say they’ve turned down an offer because of a bad experience during the hiring process.”


Of 4,633 random job seekers, 48% had used Glassdoor at some point in their job search and 60% percent would NOT apply to a company with a one-star rating. This is the power of employer branding. Will you neglect it?


LinkedIn has become a major part of the employment landscape. Professionals use it to hire, get hired, get access to valuable insights and, of course, identify new customers. So, LinkedIn must not be neglected by anyone. NOTE: Most LinkedIn articles are in Greek.