You are a recruiter and you are fed up with all these narcissistic candidates talking about their accomplishments all day long, while all you want to do is to pick one, so you could move on with your life? 

In case you want them to avoid your company, employ the following 7 practices and you’ll never hear again from those annoying individuals, better known as job candidates.

1.      While you interview candidates, don’t offer them water, coffee or anything else. Why would you anyway? Most probably the candidate doesn’t deserve it, so why bother?

2.      In case you find a candidate already waiting for you in the meeting room, ask him/her why he/she sat there since, obviously, that spot/chair was yours. Of course, after making that observation, ask to switch places. This will immediately make him/her feel uncomfortable. 

3.      During an interview don’t pay attention to the candidate. Focus on the glass in front of you and think about all the nice things you could be doing, had you not been there, listening to all his/her blabbing.

4.      Obviously ask for his/her salary range. If the answer is above your budget, say something like:

“ Don’t you think it’s too much for you?”

Another, equally great approach, is the following:

“ You have a big idea of yourself, don’t you?”

5.      After an interview, always promise to inform your candidate about the following steps and never do so. This can be very successfully combined with the tactic of asking your candidate to inform you if, in the meantime, another offer is made to him, while ensuring him/her that very soon he/she will receive an update from you. Again, do not make a phone call, nor reply to the E-Mail, the purpose of which was to inform you on matters you had asked of the job candidate to bring into your attention, to begin with. Just ignore it.

6.      Another simple, but very effective tactic is to say something like this:

“ Don’t worry if we don’t get in touch with you after today. You are great and everything, it’s just that we are looking for a more senior profile.”

This works even better when your job requirements -as presented in the job post- are a perfect match with the candidate’s experience, which was clearly stated in his/her CV. And although you knew it, you still decided to call him/her for an interview. For maximum results, try this on candidates that live on the other side of the city. A long road back home will give them plenty of time to reflect on their poor decision to apply for a position at your company.

7.      Last but not least, never reply to candidates’ E-Mails, nor to LinkedIn messages. Instead, try to post and like other posts on daily basis, just to let them know you are ignoring them on purpose.


I am convinced that if all the above-mentioned practices are applied systematically, they will produce the desired results; everyone on the job market is going to hate you! And with all the Social Media thing going on lately, this mission of yours to become a hated employer with a terrible reputation will be archived in no time. Good luck with you sucking at recruitment.


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