People are capable of many things. All it takes is determination and persistence. This is after all, what we’ve witnessed in so many historical movements and success stories of scientists, who’ve shaped the world as we know it.

This is the exact mindset I have formed, when it comes to improving candidate experience. Meaning, that one has to fight fiercely for a better treatment, when applying for jobs.

That’s why I’ve talked in the past, about what one can do, to accomplish this. The next step, would be to share with you a secret weapon to help you even more, in the battle of improving candidate experience! So let’s begin!


 “To help people everywhere find a job and company they love”

… is a quite powerful statement, don’t you think? Especially, if you’re in that vulnerable phase of your life, where you’re looking for a new job.

You’d definitely fell in love with the person saying this, as a job seeker, so why not fall in love with Glassdoor, which has set up quite an operation and aligned a people force behind this mission?!

But Glassdoor is not only about strong words. It’s also about numbers and impact. According to Glassdoor Internal Data ,September 2017 the platform currently hosts approximately 35 million reviews and insights for approximately 700,000 companies, the purpose of which is to enable people to find a job and company they would love. Pretty impressive for a company founded in 2008…we must give it to them.


Many job seekers have utilized Glassdoor so far, but in my opinion, they’re not enough. The potential benefit is tremendous and we must all support it.You may be wondering: “How can I utilize Glassdoor?”

Before proceeding, let’s establish, that before fully utilizing what Glassdoor has to offer, one must first be willing to share and contribute. Because by contributing, the value you end up receiving grows big time.

Share your recruiting stories

Share experiences you had, while applying for jobs and interviewing at companies. How you were treated? What was the process? How did you feel? These are only some of the areas you could cover.

When reviewing recruiting process, put yourself in the shoes of a candidate. What would you find useful and insightful, when “investigating” a company and preparing for an interview? This will increase the value of your contributions and it will definitely help candidates, form a solid view of an organization, which will enable them to fight more effectively for a better candidate experience.

Share your work stories

You may not be looking for job at the moment, but it’s not unlikely that you may find yourself in that situation in the short future. And when you find yourself in that position, you’ll defiantly value the opinion of the employees that already work at an organization you are interested in. So, why not sharing your story, just the way you’d like someone else to share theirs?


In light of all this, have in mind that the more you feed Glassdoor with your experiences and insights, the more valuable it becomes and more positive change it can bring in the field of candidate experience and subsequently to your experience, when searching for a job.

Imagine, how nice it would be, to be fairly treated, with respect to your time and experience. But for this to happen you must first fight for better experience, and as said before, you should be willing to share on Glassdoor, in order to achieve this.

Undeniably, Glassdoor is a powerful weapon! But as uncle Bob said:

With great power comes great responsibility

which means you should be extra careful with how you use this power. Overdoing it will ruin the platform’s credibility and its likability to influence positively the candidate experience organizations offer to their candidates.

So, be honest. Share both positive and negative aspects of your experience and do it by having in mind all those people out there looking for a job. Think of yourself being that person, when contributing. That’s the way to create maximum value and to improve a universal process, which applies to all individuals. Because we will all be exploring, one way or another, at some point in our life, a career move. So why not be proactive?!

Disclaimer: this article and the opinions expressed in it are not influenced by sponsorship of Glassdoor or any other organization or individual. 


Candidate Experience is a topic dear to my heart, so I really hope to have helped you in a way. Share your thoughts in the comments section below, as I learn just as much from you as you do from me and make sure you don’t miss my future posts by following me on LinkedIn. Finally, if you’d like to get in touch, my email is or you can message me on LinkedIn.

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