Having access to the right resources is vital for all great professionals, no matter what they do. Resources can help professionals stay up to date regarding their respective filed, providing them with knowledge on how to deal with certain issues or informing them about new trends and available technologies that could support existing processes.

In some cases, certain resources are immediately available for your use, which is awesome, since you don’t have to make something from scratch; you just have to adjust it to your context. The only catch is that one has to know what to look for and where.

In this article, I will share with you my TOP 4 favorite resources on HR Topics! So let’s begin!

#1 Workable 

Workable is a cloud-based software application, which supports HR departments in the recruitment processes. But besides its software tool, for which you have to pay of course, it has a resources section in its site, which is totally for free!

This site is a tremendous help for startups that are at the very beginning of setting up HR processes. Of course, some of the resources can be deployed by experienced HR Professional to inform them on various topics, support them in various activities or help them reorganize their department more effectively.

Through Workable’s resources section, one has access to

  • Templates: Job Descriptions & Interview Question for various positions, Company Polices and Salary Profiles
  • Guides: handbooks with useful processes and tips
  • Articles: features on various HR Topics

Probably the best thing about Workable is that day after day the resources increase in number, so there is always something new to check out.

#2 re:Work

re:Work is Google’s viewpoint on HR management. I was extremely excited, when I came across this marvelous site, as I had the chance to see, for the first time, HR from the perspective of such result oriented organization. “Let’s Make Work Better”, that’s the motto behind the initiative, which contains:

”practices, research and ideas from Google and other organizations to put people first”.

Here, you can find six major HR Topics, or subjects, as it is called in re:Work’s environment. The subjects, as you will see yourself, are very contemporary HR topics, research for which is still in development. This, I believe, creates tremendous value for all readers, who seek new and well presented/organized knowledge, which can be easily applied. Each of the subjects contains

  • useful tools: processes/steps on how to do stuff and customizable docs, ready to be put in use
  • case studies that show how various organizations resolve major contemporary HR concerns
  • blog content that creates more HR relevant content and provides readers with further examples on the specific subjects

I think re:Work is a great site to explore for both HR students, to familiarize themselves with realistic HR topics and potential problems they will be facing, when working in HR, and for HR professionals to benefit from tools, such as strategies described as steps, checklists and spreadsheets, all of which save a lot of time and effort.

#3 Harvard Business Review 

None resource recommendation feature about the business world would be complete without Harvard Business Review Journal. There one can find great ideas, generated by world-famous researchers and presented in a very friendly and easy to comprehend way.

To exploit fully this spectacular library, one has to pay an annual subscription fee of approximately $120. But you can join for free and have access to 8 articles per month. I know, it’s not much, but taking into consideration that you will be using it only for HR relevant content, it’s a great deal.

Most articles found in HBR library are extremely helpful for HR leaders and decision makers, as they provide a thorough strategic analysis and specific action plan for your field of interest. Yet, I wouldn’t like to discourage someone from exploring such a wonderful tool.  So either you are a HR student or a grown HR Professional, HRB is a great place to have a good read and familiarize yourself with Strategic HR.

Helpful Tip: in order not to lose any good article, create folders per field of your interest (recruitment, benefits, training) and save each of the important articles in the respective folder. This way you will always be able to go back to it and have a more careful read.

#4 LinkedIn Groups

Indisputably, LinkedIn has become the most widely spread professional network in the world. With millions of professionals updating their profiles, posting and sharing content on daily basis, LinkedIn constitutes a great source of information, for all professionals, on the latest developments in their respective fields. Probably the most essential part of its value is the fact that the information presented in LinkedIn is generated by fellow professionals and not by researchers, who sometimes are detached from the practice of the occupation.

That is why I would recommend joining a few HR groups. How? You could either search for HR in LinkedIn’s search bar and then choose the groups option to see all HR relevant groups, or you could type a more specific set of words to find the group of your interest (example: “Recruitment Consultants & Stuffing Professionals”, in case you are interested in recruitment ).

Joining these groups will allow you to see what problems other HR Professionals are facing and how they overcome them. You could also post your own concerns, starting an online conversation and ask for advice from professionals that have already coped with such issues. As you can see, the possibilities are endless, so start joining groups that match your profile. And in case you’ve joined a group of zero value, you can always leave.


I hope this article was helpful. If you have other helpful resources for fellow HR Professional in mind, please mention them in the comment section. Make sure you don’t miss my future posts and please follow me on LinkedIn even if we are already connected. Finally, if you’d like to get in touch, my email is

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